massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT


  • 6dB, 12dB, 18dB LP
  • 4,8kHz, 2,2kHz, 1,6kHz, 1kHz, 720Hz, 480Hz
  • 6dB, 12dB,18dB HP
  • 1kHz, 720Hz, 480Hz, 330Hz
  • 18dB LOWCUT
  • 220Hz, 160Hz, 100Hz, 72Hz, 30Hz
  • 32x 3,5mm Inputs
  • 32x 3,5mm Outputs
  • for Audio signals

Comes with 3mm Aluminium black front panel with signal white print


It´s passive! Sounds great!

Be aware of signal attenuation.

Works great with every mono audio signal:

  • BD
  • FM
  • L R MS MS LR

Just patch, listen and smile.

It´s passive.

Get the most out of your existing eurorack system with massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT.

massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT


Use massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT with L R MS MS LR module.

Before you VCA side signal, get rid of low end.

Just patch!

Use massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT with L R MS MS LR module.


Patch, listen, may be gain.

Switch between original M and  filtered M signal. 

Great for breaks!

Use massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT for FAKE-STEREO signals.

Add MULTIPLE to MONO SIGNAL, Duplicate signal,

patch one signal to a stereo channel, e.g. L channel

and the other signal to massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT, may gain signal

and patch it to stereo channel, R channel.


You´ll get a hard panned stereo-signal with phase-shift, frequence cut and signal attenuation on one side.

USE a LR MS MS LR module, enhance side signal (S) and use a CV controlled filter on orignale mono signal going to stereo channel.

You will hear a movement in stereo-field, depending on your CV controlled filter settings. Play with resonance…

Great for use with flip-sides, flip-sides active, TIME TO SWITCH!

Use massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT on BD, BASS sounds!

Add Multiple, Switch, Mixer:

Kill some low ends on demand.

Great for breaks.

Use massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT  with mono/stereo FX inputs.

Kill some low ends and hear the difference.

Use massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT with white noise.

Now you can use one sound source to easily make hi-hats, snares with little help using ENVs and VCAs.

I designed it for making waves at the beach by simply separating  4 frequence bands  from white noise and use FRAMES to animate VCAs and apply CV panning with different LFOs after it.

Sounds really great!