massive passive MULTIPLE


  • 8×3 / 4×6 multiple
  • Just patch a cable into jack with circle and you get another row of passive multiples

Comes with 3mm Aluminium black front panel with signal white print


It´s passive!

Be aware of signal attenuation.

massive passive MULTIPLE


Use massive passive MULTIPLE for Trig., Gate, LFO, ENV, Clock signals!

It´s really great to control different sound modules, sequencers eg. with one signal multiplied!

It´s massive passive MULTIPLE, up to 6 outputs times 4 or use it with 3 outputs times 8.

Be aware of signal attenuation.

For CV signals representing notes I recommend a active multiple!

Use massive passive MULTIPLE for any Audio signal!

I recommend only to use max. 3 outputs – it´s passive!

Works great with massive passive LP/HP/LOWCUT to FAKE-STEREO signals.

To get the most out of your eurorack system try it together with flip-sides, flips-sides active, 2x flip-sides active or TIME TO SWITCH!